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FHA Loans require the buyer to escrow their real-estate taxes.

The money put up for the loan is essentially taxpayer money .

2007 Bankruptcies are reaching all time highs. Bankruptcy Lawyers in the US are swamped i. If you need help contact them as soon as possible.


Home sales Prices Rise again.


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FHA Home Loans

What is a FHA Loan ?

Inevitably when searching for a home loan you come across FHA home loans . There are 6 main FHA loans types and you can read about all 6 here. For a quick  overview FHA loans are designed to get anyone that normally wouldn't qualify (on a financial  equation) for a typical loan.

 The FHA loan program is run by HUD  (the Housing and Urban Development).

For qualified mortgage applicants, the Federal Housing Authority helps the borrower drastically reduce interest rates or more easily qualify for a home loan by acting as a guarantor, reducing the lender's risk and insuring that the homeowner's loan will not enter into default.

Further, because FHA-insured loans are guaranteed to the lender, the FHA enforces limits on certain loan fees the lender may charge, and allows financing many fees in addition to the principal amount of the loan.

FHA loans also allow the borrower to make extra payments on the principal of the loan in addition to their regular, monthly payment at any time.

In exchange, the FHA charges a small percentage of the home's value at the onset of the mortgage, and requires reasonable monthly or annual premiums for the mortgage insurance.

FHA LOAN limits Rise 16% for 2008 !

The bottom line is that it means when shopping for a FHA LOAN the amount you can borrow has risen 16%. This increase is to help cover the rise of home sales the past few years. It means you are more house, you wont have to settle for a home that isn't large enough or allows you to buy a home in a better neighborhood.FHA LOANS

  • Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • Adjustable Rate mortgages  (ARMs)
  • Graduated Rate Mortgages
  • Growing Equity Mortgage
  • Energy Efficient FHA Mortgages
  • FHA Condominium mortgages



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